Joining Michelin

Right from your first day at Michelin, we're there to guide and support you, with a personalized orientation program to help you find your way. With the support of your manager, your career manager and your new team, you embark on a unique career in which you play an important role.

Settling into your new team

As a new team member, you are given a personalized training program to help you:

  • get to know Michelin, its culture and its values;
  • familiarize yourself with your working environment;
  • form a network within the company;
  • learn how career management works and begin your professional development in the company.

Our team members talk about their own experience and how they see this unique opportunity.

The orientation program at Michelin

To make sure your arrival at Michelin runs as smoothly as possible, your training revolves around a number of key events:

  • During the welcome day, you learn about the company, meet your new team and get to know your individual training plan;
  • An onboarding coach and your manager guide you through your first steps in the company;
  • You take part in an introductory field course in a production plant or with the sales teams;
  • You participate in training during the 12 months following your recruitment. The training content and duration - from 3 days to 4 months - depend on your job and your experience;
  • You review your training period and discuss it with your manager and/or your career manager.

As a new hire, you play the lead role in your development at Michelin.