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Summer Student Opportunities

Make the summer count, work for one of Canada's Top Employers!

Update: SUMMER 2022 Applications

CA1 Granton - Applications are open! (Jan 2022)

CA2 Bridgewater - Applications are open! (Jan 2022)

CA3 Waterville - Applications are open! (Jan 2022)


Make your summer count

If you are 16 and over, Currently enrolled in a post secondary education program with the intent to return in the fall and are available to work from May to August, then a summer student position may be right for you.

We had 200+ students working at our sites over the summer of 2021!

"My summer student experience helped me to grow personally and professionally. I experienced team building first-hand and learned to communicate effectively - it was a growth and development experience which has helped me in my professional career." - Dylan, Michelin Summer Student (Bridgewater)

"I was able to gain valuable skills that I often find myself applying in both the classroom and the workplace. This included the importance of working as part of a team. The money I earned as a summer student was greatly beneficial to furthering my university education."  - Robert, Michelin Summer Student (Granton)

"I enjoyed my four months at the plant this summer. Working in the OPA shop has allowed me to connect and develop so many new relationships." - Morgan, Michelin Summer Student (Waterville)

*Preference will be given to the dependent children, spouses or relatives of Michelin North America (Canada) Inc. employees and retirees. Returning students must have satisfactorily completed any previous work assignment at Michelin to be considered.


What Can You expect?

If you want to avoid the traditional "9 to 5" and still enjoy your summer days, consider spending your summer with Michelin. Eligible students will provide vacation relief for our Michelin production operators. You will  work on shift, including a mix of day shifts, night shifts and weekends. You must be prepared to come to work for each of your scheduled shifts.


How can I apply?

Applications are now open for 2022 summer student positions at our Granton, Bridgewater and Waterville facilities. 

Follow the links below to begin your application. Please complete all steps and be sure to attach documentation that confirms your enrollment in post secondary education for the Fall 2022 term. Uploading your resume/work experience is optional, but not required.


Michelin Canada - Granton facility

Production Summer Student (Granton)

Michelin Canada - Bridgewater facility

Production Summer Student (Bridgewater)

Waterville Aerial View

Production Summer Student (Waterville)

Your summer starts here!
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