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Reliability Technician

Interested in a career where you can increase your skillset and credentials, or learn a whole new skillset?

What is it like to be a reliability technician?

With your team or as an individual, you use problem solving skills working with the industrial equipment and technologies. Your goal is to keep the equipment maintained and operational to ensure the safety of the employees, the quality of the product and the efficiency of the machine. 

You will work with a variety of technologies that range in age from the most current to 30 plus years old.

We hire primarily for Multi-Skilled positions and also have needs for the following single trade positions:



     Power Engineers

     Dimensional Tooling Mechanics


How to apply

What to expect during your first days at michelin

You will participate in the Welcome Aboard program designed to best prepare you for success in your new role.

After completing the Welcome Aboard, you will begin your on the job training program.



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