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Production Operators
Michelin Production Operators work with a variety of equipment and materials to produce high-quality, innovative products. Operators work on 12-hour rotating shifts, demonstrate a strong focus on safety and solve problems to maintain production flow.
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Skilled Trades
Electrical, mechanical, drives, and fluid power; the jobs in maintenance relate to very numerous technologies. Maintenance and reliability teams maintain current training in the technological evolutions required to help our plants achieve top performance.
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Engineering, Management & Support
At Michelin, our engineers, managers, and support teams from a wide variety of disciplines help to drive progress each and every day. Learn more about what our career paths have to offer:
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Michelin Careers in Skilled Trades

Explore the opportunities Michelin has to offer in skilled trades!

Student Opportunities

Co-op Students
For over 40 years Michelin has welcomed engineering students from Canadian universities into its communities and manufacturing facilities. Over this time our mentors have trained more than 500 students to be hands-on, problem solving, innovative professionals.
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Technical Scholars
Michelin recognizes that real-world experience is key to a well rounded education.  The Michelin Technical Scholarship program offers hands on technical training, a financial award, and summer employment to students in select programs who are interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing.
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Summer Manufacturing Students
If you want to avoid the traditional 9-to-5 and still enjoy your summer days, consider a summer position with Michelin. Manufacturing students provide full-time vacation coverage for Michelin production operators on rotating shifts, including a mix of day shifts, night shifts and weekends.
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Michelin in Canada

Michelin in Canada
In Canada, more than 4000 Michelin employees have a proud history of innovation, community involvement, and commitment to the environment. Learn more about our journey towards sustainability, our sites, and our values:
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Michelin sites all over the world
Respect, performance and responsibility are values that show that Michelin is committed to longevity. By establishing a proximity to the local markets, the Company is enriched by the diversity of talented employees, cultures, and work environments which generate the energy, performance and creativity of the Company.
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Michelin in Canada - 50 years of manufacturing

When you think of Michelin, you probably think of automotive tires. But here in Canada, that's only part of our story.

Why you should join us

Your professional journey
Whatever your passion, the opportunity to live a rich and varied experience is yours. At Michelin, we recruit to help you reach your professional aspirations and consider your progression beyond your first position.
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Your life in motion
By joining Michelin, you will contribute to the the innovations needed to create a better life in motion.
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