YOUR professional journey

Whatever your passion, the opportunity to live a rich and varied experience is yours. Explore the opportunities open to you in an international group. At Michelin, we recruit for a career and consider your progression beyond your first position.

We consider your progression beyond your first position.

Explore the opportunities open to you in an international group. Your candidate experience will allow you to interact with Michelin employees. During your professional journey with us, you will discover many ways to develop your skills and capabilities. 

The diversity of our activities, professions, organization and international footprint opens up opportunities at all levels throughout the world.

It is not uncommon to meet employees who have worked in several trades, cross-functional management and team management, at several sites or in different countries.

This is one of the reasons our employees are engaged and that there are many varied career paths at Michelin.

Your own professional journey

is supported by your hierarchical manager and a local development partner. But each employee may have the opportunity to build its own professional path.


are continuous partners at each stage of your path. Developing your skills and growth within the company is part of your journey. Michelin offers a variety of trainings and learning to support you in this endeavor.


Each position has clear, defined competencies and deliverables. This ensures that every job promotes continuous progress in serving our employees and customers. 


Our competitive benefits allow our employees to seamlessly combine work and personal life, without having to sacrifice one for the other. Michelin's top priority is to ensure its employee's well-being through safe working conditions.


Michelin offers fair compensation linked to levels of responsibility, performance and the marketplace.

Michelin provides competitive benefits in each of the countries where it operates.

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