Various fields of work

Michelin equipment must be maintained through an efficient and comprehensive preventive and predictive maintenance system. Highly skilled maintenance teams perform all levels of required repairs and troubleshooting efforts.
Maintenance path
The production teams exemplify the knowledge and high quality which create the reputation of the company. Whether they work with synthetic rubber, blends, fabrics, metal products or molds, operators bring to life more innovative and effective products.
Production path
Quality is part of the company's DNA and covers a very wide range of areas, functions and levels of responsibility. Dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers, our quality teams act daily to improve the experience offered by our products and services.
Quality path
Information Systems & Technologies
Continuously design and deliver high-performance IT solutions & services that contribute to Michelin's success and customer satisfaction.
Maintenance path
Research & Development
Although it is not very visible, a tire is an object of incredible complexity. An object that will have to adapt to changes in global mobility, new forms of mobility, digitization of the market, environmental constraints and meet the new needs of our customers. This is why Michelin Research & Development covers 350 different areas of expertise and a very large number of professions.
R&D Path
Responsible for developing and implementing the company's sales policy, teams and sales forces are located in our offices and in the field in direct contact with Michelin customers.
Sales path
Our Finance team creates an inclusive environment that empowers employees to grow personally and professionally while ensuring the financial health and success of the Company. Their expertise and partner relationships drive timely and informed business decisions to anticipate financial risks and opportunities that impact business results.
Finance path
Finding the best sources of supply from trusted suppliers in a spirit of true partnership is an essential part of our process. The Purchasing department plays a strategic role in creating the company's value by reinforcing its competitiveness.
Purchasing path
Support and accelerate the Company’s Digital transformation in order to better serve our partners, develop new connected products & services but also transform our processes.
Digital path
The mission of the Personnel Department is to create the conditions that allow: people to develop in their professional environment, teams to be competent, empowered and efficient, the company to achieve its economic, social and societal ambitions.
Personnel path
Supply Chain & Logistics
The right product, in the right place, on the agreed date and in the quantity requested. Here, in summary, is the mission of supply chain teams. In parallel, logistics specialists organize the storage and transport of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products nationally and internationally. Their work concern all the services of the company and guarantee their high level of engagement.
Supply Chain path
The mission of Administration is to assist teams and managers in carrying out their activities, to efficiently manage administrative operations (personnel, purchasing, IT, travel, organization of meetings, archiving, etc.), to promote communication within teams and to facilitate access to information.
Administration path