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In 1969, Francois Michelin decided to expand his company to North America. Of all the places he could have built a manufacturing base, he chose Canada – for the proximity to the market, for the access to shipping routes, and most importantly, for the quality of the people who live here. 

Fast forward 50 years and Michelin is now one of the largest tire manufacturing employers in Canada, with sites across Nova Scotia and Quebec. One thing that has stayed the same though: our unwavering commitment to our values: Respect for the Customer and Shareholder, People, Facts, and the Environment.

We invite you to share our adventure as we innovate to improve sustainable mobility!

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New Glasgow, NS
As the first Michelin site in North America, our New Glasgow employees set the standard for Canada's manufacturing excellence. A strong community and network of new employees make this site an exciting place to start your career!
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Bridgewater, NS
Located on Nova Scotia's beautiful South Shore, Michelin's Bridgewater site is actively expanding to meet new and dynamic market demands. Join us in our journey as Bridgewater gets ready to be the future of tire manufacturing.
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Waterville, NS
Located in the thriving Annapolis Valley, our Waterville site takes innovation to the next level! By engaging employees in all roles in their pursuit of progress, Waterville is exploring the next generation of technical solutions to the manufacturing problems of today and tomorrow.
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Magog, QC
Start where the road ends in Magog, at the global headquarters for Michelin's off-road business line. Michelin Magog's innovation in track technology is redefining the future of mobility!
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Shawinigan, QC
Specializing in track systems, Shawinigan is a customer-focused, global manufacturer of high-performance products for off-road vehicles. Placing their values at the heart of their operations is the key driver of their success.
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Laval, QC
Our Canadian commercial group is a bilingual network of employees who manage a variety of services, including sales, marketing, distribution, supply chain, and support functions across the country.
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Our Culture & Community Engagement

Respect for People
At Michelin we are proud of our culture of Respect for People. As we strive to do better each and every day for our customers and our community, the commitment and dedication of Michelin employees remains the force that moves us forward on this journey.
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Respect for the Environment
From on-site efforts to send zero waste to landfill, to a company wide commitment to make all of our tires from 100% sustainable materials by 2050, you can see Michelin's respect for the environment in all our activities. We're supporting projects that protect and preserve our natural spaces.

Pushing for the Planet

Michelin is committed to using only responsibly sourced rubber. With local partners we are using alternative energy sources and recycling plastics.

Manufacturing at Michelin

Michelin uses innovative technologies to produce and create new products. Our manufacturing facilities include production activities that depend on automation, high-precision technologies, information technologies and control systems. Employees work on empowered teams to make decisions quickly to resolve problems. This is accomplished by employees developing trusting and demanding interactions. Employees develop new competencies through coaching and training that generate increased performance, progress and innovation.

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