By addressing biases, embracing differences and elevating potential, we will cultivate an equitable and inclusive environment where all employees are respected and believe this is a place where they can thrive and find a true sense of purpose in their work.

Meet Employees where they are.

More than 63 nationalities are represented at Michelin Canada’s 10 sites. This rich diversity, paired with Canada’s vibrant history and dynamic culture, means that DE&I efforts should be unique to the needs of employees based there. Michelin Canada took its first step toward defining DE&I initiatives with an Employment Equity Survey to gain a better understanding of the different backgrounds, perspectives and interests of employees. Based on insights from this survey, Michelin Canada’s DE&I Board and two regional councils identified DE&I actions to be undertaken in 2023.

Some of these actions are:

• Participating for the first time in Pride parades and marches in Halifax, Bridgewater and the Annapolis Valley

• Developing a cultural mentorship program to help new hires from different countries with cultural integration

• Exploring DE&I Awareness training for council members, managers and employees

• Participating as a corporate sponsor for the 2023 North American Indigenous Games to be held in Nova Scotia