Enrich our Teams

By attracting people who bring a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives and who reflect the communities where we live, work and serve, we will be more innovative and competitive in the marketplace.

We Grew the Diversity of New Hires and Co-Ops in Canada

Michelin Canada revamped our Canadian job postings in 2023 to appeal to a broader demographic while showcasing the company’s diversity at career fairs, during presentations at strategic universities, and via Plant Manager Meet and Greets with partner schools and co-op programs. As a result, 51% of Michelin Canada’s new hires in 2023 identified as women, visible minorities, indigenous persons or persons with disabilities. The most notable increase is in Michelin Canada’s co-op program, which is now comprised of 42% female and 72% employees with other minority identities (visible minorities, indigenous people and persons with disabilities). The co-op program offers an opportunity for students to grow beyond the classroom and prepare for a full-time career; it serves as a pipeline for future Michelin talent.