Enrich our Teams

By attracting people who bring a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives and who reflect the communities where we live, work and serve, we will be more innovative and competitive in the marketplace.
Michelin Women's Network
Melissa Pinedo has been involved with the Michelin Women’s Network since joining the Company in 2018. She’s based in Magog, Québec and decided to supplement the women’s network with a local French-Canadian chapter called F.E.M. (Femmes Ensemble Michelin). “F.E.M. offers connection for women working and living in Québec. We focus on networking and creating a support system that includes total wellbeing: physical, mental and professional.” Since its founding in 2022, the network has grown to 60 members and works with local universities to attract female candidates.
“In 2022, companies saw the rate of employee turnover skyrocket to greater than 20%. For members of Michelin’s Women’s Network, that rate hovered at 6%. The numbers clearly show that support networks make a difference. The Women’s Network includes more than 700 women and allies. The strength of this network empowers us to advance Michelin’s ambition to increase gender diversity, particularly in management.”
Cammie Seymour, Executive Sponsor for Michelin’s Women’s Network and Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist